A better way to manage large portfolios of commercial roofing assets.

RCA has developed an innovative facility asset management solution to improve the commercial roofing industry. Headquartered in Nashville with partner offices in Dallas, Denver and Austin, RCA offers multi-facility organizations a better way to improve roofing asset performance and lower costs by transferring the risk and responsibility of roofing assets to roofing experts.

At RCA, we understand managing roofing assets is not the core competency of most organizations. RCA solves the problem of unpredictable, costly and ill-timed roofing needs that plague building owners. By aligning financial interests with clients, RCA fixes the roof expense and improves roof performance - guaranteed. It's time time to start feeling good about your commercial roofing team.

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Company Headquarters: Brentwood, TN



"Dry as a Service"


Better performance

Building owners want their buildings dry and secure, but too often roofing systems fail to meet performance and longevity expectations. With RCA, improved performance is guaranteed with a proactive approach to comprehensive roof management.


accurate Budgeting

CFOs want budget certainty and improved cash flow. With RCA, clients know their total roofing portfolio costs each year, every year. Furthermore, RCA aligns financial interests with clients and works to optimize the financial benefits of roofing assets while lowering total cost of ownership.



Facility managers want one number to call for all roofing needs. With RCA, the largest combined network of top tier contractors in North America is combined with the leading roofing asset managers to provide superior service through one point of contact.


Lower, Fixed Costs

By addressing inefficiencies in commercial roofing, RCA
lowers the long-term cost of roof ownership and shares the cost savings with clients. This innovative approach aligns financial interests between RCA and clients to ensure budget accuracy, quality control and cost control for the life of the agreement.


Commercial roofing systems are assets best managed by roofing experts with aligned financial interests.


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